My A-Z List of Favourite Horses- Black Caviar

Black Caviar was foaled in 2006. She is by Bel Esprit out of Helsinge. She raced from age 2 to 6 and was undefeated throughout her career of 25 races. She won 15 Group 1 races, as well as 7 Group 2 races. She was officially ranked the world’s best racehorse by time form from November 2012 until the end of April 2013. In my opinion her greatest victory was when she travelled to Royal Ascot to race in the Diamond Jubilee Stakes. She travelled all the way from Australia on a 30 hour flight, it was reported she wasn’t feeling herself, and she sustained an 8 centimetre muscle tear during the race but still managed to win by a head. This display of heart is on of the reasons Black Caviar is special to me.

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  • Tuesday 5th Aug 2014
  • 10:40pm
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